Author of The Project

Mzia Zhvania,  the Author of Project “History of Neuroscience in Georgia”, funded by FENS (History Committee) is PhD and ScD, Professor of Functional Neuroanatomy at Ilia State University and Head of the Laboratory of Brain Ultrastructure and Nanoarchitecture at I. Beritashvili Center of Experimental Biomedicine. During years, Mzia Zhvania and her Group investigate the microstructure, ultrastructure, chemical architecture and nanoarchitecture of limbic, extrapyramidal and neocortical brain regions under different physiological/pathological conditions (Rodent Propionic acid and Butyrate models of Autism; the Effects of Chronic White Noise; Aging; Inhalant Addiction; different forms of Stress). Another area of Mzia Zhvania’s scientific interests – structural and molecular aspects of Porosome Complex. Mzia Zhvania had trainings and performed scientific  research abroad (Kuopio University, Iowa State University, Institute of Brain Bulgarian Academy of Science, University of Prague, etc.). Mzia Zhvania is the organizer and co-organizer of more than 10 of international scientific symposiums, congresses, workshops, seminars and schools funded by ISTC, Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation, Carl Zeiis Institute and VEECO (atomic force microscopy) and 12 international projects related with Science Education and Science Promotion (FENS, Sigma Xi, pilot grant of SENCER Project USA, UNESCO, CRDF, GRDF, Iowa Sate University USA, etc.etc.). She is a member of several international and national scientific societies and societies related with Science: FENS, IBRO, SfN, Sigma Xi, European Academy of Neurology, Georgian Society of Physiologists, Georgian Society of Neuroscience (Board Member) and the President of Sigma Xi-Georgia – Georgian Chapter of Sigma Xi. Mzia Zhvania is a Principal Investigator of Co-Principal Investigator of the number of scientific and other projects funded by Shota Rustaveli National Scientific Foundation (PhD Program for Ilia State University “Cellular Neuroscience”, Equipment Grant “Atomic Force Microscope Bioscope II VEECO, etc.). Mzia Zhvania is an author of more than 70 scientific articles, published mainly abroad, in prestigious scientific journals and editions.